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Tips for moving

Check with your building management to avoid unnecessary moving day interruptions. Be sure to inquire about necessary certifications, confirm parking restrictions at both your old and new locations, and reserve elevators if needed.

Take an inventory of your belongings and dispose of items that are no longer needed. This will help to streamline your move and will eliminate the need for additional boxes, packing and unpacking.

Order supplies for your upcoming move and start the packing process early. Admiral Van Lines has a variety of packing supplies that can be ordered when you schedule your moving date and will be delivered to you free of charge. These supplies will arrive well in advance of your move so that you can start packing items that are not currently being used. Out of season clothing, books, extra linens, etc. can all be packed in advance.

Notify your utility providers to switch/cancel/start utilities in a timely manner. Some providers have special hours or requirements to transfer, or cancel services, so check this out as soon as you can. Don't forget to notify your banks, insurance companies, credit cards, children's schools, doctors, subscriptions, perscriptions etc. of your upcoming move to ensure a smooth transfer of your personal information.

DO NOT PACK valuables, like jewelry, securities, money and valuable papers. You should remove them and put them in a safe place prior to moving day. ie. safe deposit box, relative/friend etc. You should transport them with you personally. Flammable or perishable items should be disposed of before your move.

Confirm your moving date a few days in advance